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Jackie has forty years experience working with dogs,cats,horses and small animals. She has worked in quarantine and boarding kennels including being manageress, assisted in veterniary work, trained many dogs from a Dachsund to a Great Dane and acted as midwife to many a pregnant bitch.She has also worked at the local Dog Hydrotherpy pool, swimming injured and recovering dogs. Throughout all these years she has been trimming and grooming and first had her own business in the early eighties.

Donna joined the business in 2009 after spending four years nursing her Collie Jed throught cancer. He had to have his bottom jaw taken off and was hand fed by Donna until he died at the grand age of 17yrs.
Donna does all the shampooing and takes time massaging the dogs whilst in the bath. all the dogs love Donna as she cuddles them all and gives them treats.



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