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Bryn the boss on the right, with Bella her apprentice.



We give a professional caring service so all dogs in our care are treated with patience and kindness. We specialise in nervous dogs , taking time to gain their confidence and also in dogs who really do not like being groomed. We encourage owners to start bringing puppies as soon as they have had there vaccinations, even if it is just to sit in the workshop for an hour to get used to us and the surroundings, including the sound of clippers and dryers. The first visit to a grooming salon must be a happy one ,so that future visits hold no fear and as the pups grow into adults they are still happy to come into our workshop to be trimmed or groomed. We like to have dogs for severel hours so they can relax in front of the heater after the bath and rest before we do the finshing touches to the coat. Before the bath the dogs are groomed and the excess coat taken off if appropiate.

At JD's we will trim, hand strip or groom your dog to breed standards or to your requirements. We are Vet recommended and will give special shampoos to any animal that needs it.

We cut nails, express anal glands and clean ears.

We also do a local collection and delivery service.

This is a badly matted Old English Sheepdog , once any dogs coat get this bad we have no choice but to clip it all off .



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